Coaching means to support a person or a team in describing a personal or professional goal and to achieve it in a defined period or to recognize and accept failures and to develop alternatives. The coach has to prove professional, methodological and social competencies.

Coaching strives for professional and personal development. Coaching is part of one's continued education. Both, client and coach learn from and with each other.

Inducement and topics

As well as changes in your organization as the longing for change in your organization or in your personal career can build the inducement for a coaching. Examples are reorganizations in your company, advancement, new tasks, new projects, launch of your own company or starting as freelance worker, relocation of your spouse, ... .


Coaching in Organization can deal for instance with

  • strategy development
  • communication and corporate culture
  • career development
  • diversity management
  • lifelong learning, training and development
  • balance of professional and personal life

Coaching means to define your standpoint and to detect your route

  • from an individual perspective: Do I want to carry on in my present work? Where do I want to go? Why, what for, with whom, when ...?
  • from an organizational perspective: Where does our company want to go? What are the values, goals, decision and strategies, we are dealing with? ...


Core of my philosophy is appreciative inquiry (Cooperrider, Srivastva, Whitney). Furthermore I rely on views such as

  • systemic
  • constructivist: plan do check act (Deming and others)
  • salutogenesis (Antonovsky)
  • "the client knows the answer" (action research, Kurt Lewin)
  • appreciative inquiry (Cooperrider, Srivastva, Whitney)
  • empowerment: coaching as a process of learning and development for client and coach (WHO)


You as the client decide on the general set-up and the scope and thus on the duration of the coaching. The coaching takes place as face-to-face talks indoors or during a Walk-to-talk or by telephone, completed by communication via email plus a profound documentation, I write after each coaching appointment. The set of instruments includes semi-structured interview, dialogue, purpose and planning processes, reflection, feedback, "homework". If the coaching is intended for a group the coaching uses also seminar approaches.

Your Benefit
I support you as neutral expert, with whom you can reflect upon your work and your personal issues. This enables you decide on your further course of action and to put it into practice.

You are working in health care, IT or other areas as entrepreneurs, executive, professional, freelancer, scientist, ... . The coaching takes place as individual, team or project coaching.


Since 1990 I am a physician and counsel and support people. Since 1997 I work as consultant and since 2002 as business coach. 2012 I finished an 18 month education as systemic organizational consultant. The continued quality assurance of my work consists of regularly reflexions and dialogues with colleagues and teachers (German: "Supervision"), studying specialized literature and the participation in and performing of trainings, courses and conferences. Furthermore I published several books on consulting.


Germany, Europe and globally.



The coaching dialogues last between one and three hours, for instance if you and I take a walk or visit a museum and combine this with work on visualizations in-house.

The number of dialogues extends from one to ten or more meetings. The intervals stretch from four to twelve weeks mostly. You as the client can decide after each dialogue whether you want to continue or whether you want to finish the coaching. Nevertheless you should inform me as early as possible on the latter. Than I can in my role as coach initialize the conclusion phase.

You as the client decide on the rhythm and the duration of your coaching. I support and accompany you.

We sketch the purpose of the coaching, describe the difficulty level and the expected time frame. Then we negotiate and agree upon the professional fee. This can be based on an hourly basis or we agree on an overall fee.