Higher Education ... Lernen & Lehren


Learning starts before birth and ends - probably - with death. We learn as individual person and as groups and organizations. In my view organizational learning is central for the development of any organization and its impact, both public and internal. So, how do individual, lifelong and organizational learning work? When and how does learning give fun? What are the characteristics of effective and efficient learning?


An important part of higher education is the training of the learners as scientist. Bibliographic work is a corner stone of research and development. Thus students have to become acquainted with it. The best approach is case-based learning, in short to work on a research paper, for instance on small students research projects (German: Seminararbeit) and then on a thesis (bachelor, master, PhD). Thus this blog section includes some reflexions on "How to write and coach a thesis".


Writing is a particular tool for learning, for musing and reflexion and just, because it is fun in itself. Thus I write about Writing & Publishing in an own blog section.


My seminars and lectures I describe on  Veränderung Gestalten Lernen (currently in German).