"If you want to build a ship,
don't drum up the men to gather wood, divide the work and give orders.
Instead, teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea."
[attributed to Antoine de Saint Exupéry 1900-1944]


Welcome to the public part of my study desk

On these pages, written partly in German and partly in English, you find materials covering topics like


organization development (Organisationsentwicklung)
social informatics (Sozioinformatik)
higher education (Lernen & Lehren)
writing & publishing (Schreiben & Publizieren)
change in health care (Wandel im Gesundheitswesen)
book & film reviews (Buch- und Filmbesprechungen)

fine arts & architecture (Kunst & Architektur)

This approach is intended to foster the dialogue with you, dear colleagues, students and other people that are interested in these topics. If you have any questions, ideas or suggestions, please feel free to contact me via …


Textbook Serial

Weßel C. ELCHE FANGEN ... Basiswissen Consulting für Berater und Führungskräfte.

Band 1 bis 4. Frankfurt am Main, Weidenborn Verlag 2017.

  1. BERATEN – Philosophien, Konzepte und das Projekt
  2. MENSCHEN – Lassen Sie uns zum Äußersten greifen ... reden wir miteinander
  3. WERKZEUGE – Von 8+1 W bis Smarte Ziele
  4. ENTDECKEN – Beobachtungen, Interviews und Fragebögen kompakt und kompetent angewendet

Seminars Workshops Talks Coaching

Let us start a journey to the worlds of organizational development and social informatics. There you can learn how leadership, team work and consulting come alive and how you can manage projects and more with the 8+1 W questions. Set out for the fascinating world of research and development and scientific work  



Work in progress: extracts from my next book

Currently I'm working on a book about "... learning and teaching …" It is written in German. A fish, the eel, will occur in the book. Some of you may already know what I mean with the acronym "Aal" in German. The prospective readers are students, teachers, lecturers and last not least managers in higher education. I publish in advance some extracts in my blog to enter a dialogue with students, clients and colleagues, in short with readers. 


You find a collection of the blog entries on the page Books / Work in Progress … 



Recently in my blog

I continue to write some of my blog entries in German, because … (Blog 28 Jul 2018).


07 01 2019 Learning German with the Moose … How textbooks can offer more than just professional knowledge

Currently I'm in "outer space". Not really, but it feels a little bit like this. I'm in a small village near the North Sea working on the "eel book". A few days ago two men, working as brokers, and I talked about their cooperation with German people and companies - and there the Moose had their appearance

19 12 2018 Frohes Fest … happy holidays
(find the English note below)
Auch ich möchte mich den guten Wünschen anschließen, die allerorten durch die digitalen und analogen Postkästen schwirren

17 12 2018 70th anniversary Freie Universität … Walks in Berlin

On December 4th, 1948, students and professors founded the Freie Universität Berlin, the Free University of Berlin. The purpose was, to build a university where free speech, learning, teaching and research are possible. Where dialogue, openness and respect are the basis  

30 11 2018 Career Strategies … Learning from the artist Lotte Laserstein 

Beside taking a walk in the park nearby, visiting an art exhibition is a good way to change perspectives. Changing perspectives is one purpose of contemplation. Frankfurt on Main's Museumsufer with its famous museums is a wonderful area for it. A few days ago I went by bicycle to the Städel Museum, not knowing which of the exhibitions I would visit. I had never heard before about Lotte Laserstein  



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