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Extracts from upcoming books

Two books are under construction and nearly finished. Both are written in German. I publish, respectively will publish in advance some extracts in my blog to enter a dialogue with you … 

(in print)
(in print)

eel … engage everyone in learning

andere arbeiten lassen … Lernen und Lehren an Hochschulen mit dem A A L

Some of you may already know what I mean with the acronym "Aal" in German. The prospective readers are students, teachers, lecturers and last not least managers in higher education. As the book is currently in print and is expected to be published in November 2019 I redirect from now on to the publishing house Weidenborn Verlag and it's page "andere arbeiten lassen", where you can download an extract and have the opportunity to pre-order the book.


I thank the readers of my blog for their insights and my colleagues who edited the manuscript: Jan, Robin, Frank and especially Nastassia.


CW - Wednesday, 23 Oct 2019

bearing foliage … learning organisation development with portfolios

Blätter tragen ... Mit Portfolios Organisationsentwicklung lernen

This book is a kind of premiere. I work as editor and author together with nine other authors. The other authors present portfolios they wrote during their education in business informatics. These portfolios offer a huge amount of material, literature references and exercises about organisation development. It includes topics like cooperation, leadership, management, team development, project work, sustainability and business, learning and consulting. We hope that it will be ready for publishing in 2020.