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During the past few months my activities in health care intensified. This blog entry is intended to answer the questions about my career path in health care.

A colleague: 'just "medicine" is too short.' Okay, more detailed it is medical doctor with experience in pediatric surgery and some other areas, master of public health, scientist, consultant working with organizations, companies and individuals in health care and other areas - including the topics health, well being, prevention and therapies. And during my medical studies I had the opportunity to work as a nurse in a university hospital. The students were allowed to do this after some courses and qualifications. I learned a lot.


Medical Doctor

  • 07-1990 – 12-1991 resident physician in radiology, Ev. Waldkrankenhaus Spandau, Berlin (D)
  • 03-1992 – 05-1996 resident physician and ward physician, pediatric surgery, Universitätsklinik Charité, Campus Virchow, Berlin (D)
  • 03-1997 – 09-1998 consultant, topic: Health Care, KPMG Berlin (D) und Zurich (CH)
  • 10-2000 – 11-2000 executive department DRG, Munich Klinik Bogenhausen (D)
  • 01-2001 – 04-2002 executive department Medical controlling and quality management, Klinikum Delmenhorst (D)
  • 04-2002 – 04-2007 research fellow and head of the research group Information Systems in Health Care at Aachen University, Department of Medical Informatics
  • 05-2008 – 09-2009 research fellow and head of the research group Occupational Health Care for Teachers at Johannes-Gutenberg University Mainz (D), Department of Occupational, Community and Environmental Medicine
  • 11-2012 – 10-2013 resident physician in surgery (general and trauma surgery and orthopedics, St. Katharinen Krankenhaus, Frankfurt am Main (D)
  • since 04-2002 scientist, lecturer, coach: research, development and teaching in Medical Informatics (RWTH Aachen University, D), Occupational Health (University of Mainz, D), Public Health (HS Fulda, D), Business Informatics (BHT Berlin and DHBW Mannheim, D), Social Informatics (Hochschule Furtwangen University, D), Media Informatics (Hochschule Bremen, D)
  • since 10-2009 freelance consultant and coach: organization development with the areas social informatics and didactics; clients are companies and other organizations and individuals from different areas, for instance information technology, electrical and machine engineering, financial services provider, craftsmanship, media, arts plus institutions in health care and higher education.

Education and Theses

  • 1990 Graduation as Medical Doctor at FU Berlin (D)
  • 1999 Dr. med. at (University of Basel (CH)
    • Thesis (in German): Clinical Pathways as Tools for Quality Management
  • 2000 Master of Public Health (MPH) at TU Berlin (D)
    • Thesis (in German): User centred production of a practical guide to certification and quality awards using the example of ambulant medical rehabilitation. (TU Berlin, D)
    • Book (in German): Certification and quality awards – a guideline for health care providers.

The art of interviews

The skill to perform interviews is relevant in work with patients, clients, colleagues; in research and development in health care, in computer and sciences and of course as advisor and writer. Authors and journalists do research and perform interviews. Medical doctors learn the art of anamnesis and physical examination during their studies. I wrote about interviews in my master thesis (see above) and for instance in the book Entdecken: Beobachtungen, Interviews und Fragebögen kompakt und kompetent angewendet [Explore - Empirical observations, interviews and questionnaires compact and competent applied].


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