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Christa Weßel (2024) Lovely things


Democracy provides an environment that respects human rights and fundamental freedoms, and in which the freely expressed will of people is exercised.
[United Nations. Global Issues. Democracy. -
https://www.un.org/en/global-issues/democracy -

accessed 24 January 2024]

I'm grateful for those, especially the young people, that expressed this on the demonstrations during the previous weekend in Germany. And I thank the young woman on the main station in Oldenburg, who allowed me to take this picture three days ago.

Yes, indeed: we could attend to lovely things. And we have to stand up every day and to care for democracy and for the human rights of all the people who live in our country. And then we can hope: never again ...

Christa Weßel - Wednesday, 24 January 2024

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