Cyber Security and the GDPR

Useful material and picked up anecdotes

Again (*) an example how a good newsletter induces to dive into a topic and to find useful material, inspiring websites, amusing stories and witty anecdotes. This time a newsletter of the chamber of commerce and industry (Industrie- und Handelskammer) Frankfurt am Main contained a link to Jürgen Schmidts' DSGVO-Absurditätenkabinett and this led to this and that - see Resources … Cyber Security. To two of them I want to introduce you right here.


Andreas W. Ditze's "Datenschutz" data protection declaration shows how much one can learn from satire that is grounded in expertise. The author writes on https://ditze.net/ about his personal views and insight. Thus this data privacy statement can be seen as a humoristic critique and similarly it offers insights how data protection works and could work. For examples of a correct data privacy statement that follow the GDPR the author recommends links to the statements of the companies where he works - via "Über mich" (about me).

Jan Philipp Albrecht answers FAQ profound and clear. The author is a member of the EU parliament. He is a solicitor who specialized in digitalization, internal affairs and law politics. In "DSGVO – häufig gestellte Fragen, häufig verbreitete Mythen" he answers FAQs and offers links to pages with further useful material such as a former blog entry and material via the Bayerisches Landesamt für Datenschutzaufsicht (data protection board of Bavaria, a federal state of Germany).

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Christa Weßel - Tuesday, 5 Jun 2018

(*) The blog Auf die Kombination und die Dosis kommt es an (2. Mai 2018) describes a similar incident.

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