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organization development · 23. November 2018
… how finding books brings people together _ A beautiful day in autumn. Time for a walk and contemplation in the park nearby. The three rounds in the park are a ritual that I perform since I'm living in Frankfurt on Main. Breathing, walking, finding a rhythm and let thoughts and feelings flow. Today happened two things. The idea for a new book took shape and an encounter with books that let to a very interesting talk with two men …

social informatics · 24. Oktober 2018
… Home of books and much more _ Do you plan to visit New York? Visit the New York Public Library. For a start see Frederick Wiseman's 2:23 minutes documentary clip EX LIBRIS - The New York Public Library …

higher education · 18. September 2018
Why executives don't need a screwdriver _ and electronical tools are not prerequisite for good communication in projects and other settings that an executive faces day to day …

social informatics · 14. Juli 2018
How a good web application induces relaxed accounting and tax declarations _ Today I would like to introduce you to a bird, the madge (or magpie), metaphorically speaking. A madge is in German "die Elster". elster is the acronyme for "Elektronische Steuererklärung", electronical tax declaration. It started in 1996 and today it is one of the best applications I ever met. This counts for both the local option and even more for the web platform ...

social informatics · 05. Juni 2018
_ Useful material and picked up anecdotes _ Again an example how a good newsletter induces to dive into a topic and to find useful material, inspiring websites, amusing stories and witty anecdotes. This time a newsletter of the chamber of commerce and industry (Industrie- und Handelskammer) Frankfurt am Main contained a link to Jürgen Schmidts' DSGVO-Absurditätenkabinett and this led to this and that. To two of them I want to introduce you right here.

social informatics · 23. Mai 2018
Conference Projektmanagement und Vorgehensmodelle 2018

social informatics · 21. Mai 2018
Education in Social Informatics

social informatics · 17. Mai 2018
or Information Technology and Society? A Search for Traces

social informatics · 16. Februar 2018
How can we promote, learn, teach and use it?

organization development · 21. Januar 2017
is an Intervention ... The Power of Appreciative Research