Work in progress: Catch the Moose / Elche fangen 2nd edition

Weßel (2019) Elche fangen - mit Kappe


While the work on the first three ebooks was easy and fast - only a few adaptions in the references, the URLs and the layout were necessary - the work on the  book series "Elche fangen" ("catch the moose"), is a little more effortful. It matches approximately the work on the new book Social Informatics Experience, published about six weeks ago. And it is fun - blog 30 May 2023 The joy of digital publishing. Beside the publishing process it is wonderful to take again a deep dive into organization development. 


I decided to publish the second edition of Elche fangen just as open access ebooks. They will contain an updated introduction, a list with the adaptations and an update of the references plus some new chapters, one or two per book. The printed books of the 2017 first edition are so beautiful and well made - the paper, the binding - that it would be a pity not to use them any more. And there are still some books in stock. Thus it is also a question of sustainability: no new product if it is not necessary. So the readers can have both: the joy of using a beautiful printed book and an electronic version. 


This is inspired by Tom DeMarco's and Timothy Lister's book Peopleware. For the second edition in 1999 they just expanded the first edition of 1987 with one chapter. Later, in the third edition of 2016 there were also changes in the existing text plus several new chapters. So, the moose is currently edition 2.


Today I worked on volume III, Werkzeuge (tools). The introduction mentions the resources I offer online, especially the lists of references. This led to the reorganization of the section Bio (biography). Now there is an easy access to Resources.




Christa Weßel - Friday, 14 July 2023


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