The joy of digital publishing



Digital publishing is a wonderful add-on for an author who loves well made printed books - the cover, the binding, the paper, the layout - _and_ who loves to share: with open access. As there are several books to follow I store a personal checklist "Making an ebook" in my blog to have the checklist close at hand. Perhaps it is also useful for you. 


Since 2011 I blog, and recently I started with the publication of open access ebooks, the youngest is 


Social Informatics Experience:

Learning about people and computers

ISBN 978-3-947287-14-7

Weidenborn Verlag 2023


This is the first book that is just an ebook. The others so far and some more to follow are the ebook publication of existing printed books (see blog 09 March 2023 "Open Access eBooks leicht gemacht mit LaTeX und der DNB").


Making an ebook: a checklist

## wrapper

_ front

_ back

_ pictures


## LaTeX

_ update *class.tex

_ update *.tex files

_ \url{...}

_ backcover text.tex

_ keywords / index 

_ check URL 


## wvde

(the publishing house Weidenborn Verlag)

_ PDF download

_ page ebook

_ page Bücher

_ page <the book>

_ Rudi Moos blog


## dnb.de

(German National Library)

_ https://portal.dnb.de/npdelivery/delivery.htm


## cwde

(author's website)

_ page "Buecher" etc

_ blog


## linkedin.com

(social media)

_ post(s) 

_ publications


## researchgate.net

(networking of scientists)

_ publications

_ post


The joy of sharing

It is always lifting the mood of an author to read a message like this


Your article reached 7,000 reads

Achieved on April 11, 2023

Article: Streamlining Qualitative Research Methods for Medical Informatics-A Methodological Approach


accessed 30 May 2023)


ResearchGate is a platform for scientists. They offer their work, enter dialogues and discussions and sometimes find new partners in research and devleopment (R&D) or a new project or job.


Of course as a freelance author, scientist and consultant and coach I sometimes think: oh, if each read would give one Euro to the author, what for a wonderful add-on this would be. 


Anyway: sharing is, what I like - or as is attributed to Bernard Moitessier: passing forward. So I proceed. 


Christa Weßel - Tuesday, 30 May 2023