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The joy of digital publishing
writing & publishing · 30. Mai 2023
Digital publishing is a wonderful add-on for an author who loves well made printed books - the cover, the binding, the paper, the layout - _and_ who loves to share: with open access. As there are several books to follow I store a personal checklist "Making an ebook" in my blog to have the checklist close at hand. Perhaps it is also useful for you. ...

English blog entries
writing & publishing · 06. März 2023
If you want to get access just to the English blog entries, you can do this by using the tag English ...

Blog Refit II - The Guide
writing & publishing · 06. Mai 2020
I am comfortable with the techniques jimdo offers its users to include a blog on a website. Alas, it misses the opportunity to offer a list of tags beside the blog entries. Thus I had to create a workaround with a guide, that lists tags (keywords). This guide is the index for my blog: the blog guide …

Two languages
writing & publishing · 28. Juli 2018
… in my blog _ I continue to write some of my blog entries furthermore in German. These entries are part of my current work for instance on a book. They are answers to questions of my clients and students and thus the continuation of a dialogue. I don't want us to wait until a book or paper is published. So there is a twofold benefit. You get answers and resources and I get feedback on my texts.

Blog Refit completed
writing & publishing · 28. Januar 2018
Plötzlich ging es schneller als gedacht ...

Blog Refit
writing & publishing · 02. Januar 2018
Nach dem Buch ist vor dem Buch

organization development · 12. Mai 2015
Selbstverständnis und der Ausdruck im Netz

writing & publishing · 14. November 2011
| Notizen werden zum Blog

writing & publishing · 06. November 2011
Es ist soweit, dank Sandra's sehr guter Arbeit kann ich nun meine Notizen als Blog fortsetzen.