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I continue to write some of my blog entries in German. These entries are part of my current work for instance on a book. They are answers to questions of my clients and students and thus the continuation of a dialogue. I don't want us to wait until a book or paper is published. So there is a twofold benefit. You get answers and resources and I get feedback on my texts.

This approach startet with students at DHBW Mannheim in 2010. They were annoyed about the long literature list I gave them for the seminar "Consulting".

"Isn't there a book, that includes all?" - "No, I'm sorry. There isn't. Consulting builds upon disciplines and areas like organization development, economics, psychology and sociology. You need competence in project management, moderation and working with small and large teams. Just to name a few." - "Would you mind to write such a book?" - "Oh?! I can give it a try - if you help me."

They did. I described tools in consulting and they gave useful and inspiring feedback. 14 months later I published "Basiswissen Consulting". Students and professionals also need experience in field research and statistics. Thus 2015 a book on this topic followed. Both books are the precursors of the text book serial "Catch the moose" / Elche fangen (Weidenborn Verlag 2017). Again students and readers of my blog were very supporting in the writing and publishing process of the four books. These days I proceed with the work on a book about learning and teaching, for instance with "Learners are explorers" (in German: Lernende sind Entdeckerinnen und Entdecker).


Christa Weßel - Saturday, 28 July 2018

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