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English blog entries
writing & publishing · 06. März 2023
If you want to get access just to the English blog entries, you can do this by using the tag English ...

Feedback ... Echoes (en)
organization development · 24. Dezember 2022
Santa was already here in Oldenburg bringing some gifts of colleagues, readers and clients. This induced the idea to collect these treasures ...

Writing Social Informatics Experience ... lessons learned
writing & publishing · 21. Januar 2022
Writing is reflection is learning. This fits to a diary, a blog and a book, a thesis or an article, may it be a newspaper or a journal. A specific case is to write a report on a study for a scientific journal, a scientific article. ...

Social Informatics Experience accepted
social informatics · 20. Dezember 2021
Such wonderful news. The reviewers and the people at Acta Informatica Pragensia were fast. Five days after the submission of the third version they accepted the paper for publication in the beginning of 2022 ...

Mein Name ist Bond
writing & publishing · 20. Dezember 2021
Mein Name ist Bond. Pseudonym, Identität, Fiktion _ Kürzlich bin ich gestolpert, im übertragenen Sinn, nicht über Ian Fleming's Mr. Bond von 1953. Es war ein anderes Buch ...

Praxis / doctor's office
together · 25. November 2021
"Christa, wo hast du eigentlich deine Praxis?" - "Ich habe keine Arztpraxis. Ich bin freiberufliche Wissenschaftlerin und Beraterin mit dem Schwerpunkt Sozioinformatik: Wie ticken Menschen und Computer?" - "Oh, interessant." Ja, finde ich auch ... "Where is your doctor's office?" - "I don't have a doctor's office. I'm a freelance scientist and advisor with with the focus area social informatics." - "That sounds interesting." Yes, it is ...

A book is like a painting
writing & publishing · 03. September 2020
"A musician must make music, an artist must paint, a poet must write, if he is to be ultimately at peace with himself." Abraham Maslow (1908 – 1970) Spring and summer 2020 went by with the work on a book about social informatics and some other smaller projects. Why should I write another book about social informatics, organization development or didactics, when there are already so many on these topics? Abraham Maslow gives the answer ...

About a book
writing & publishing · 28. Oktober 2019
… finishing "andere arbeiten lassen" _ Six days ago, on Oct 22nd, I cleared the innerbook for printing of the book "andere arbeiten lassen … Thus my task as author is done …

Two languages
writing & publishing · 28. Juli 2018
… in my blog _ I continue to write some of my blog entries furthermore in German. These entries are part of my current work for instance on a book. They are answers to questions of my clients and students and thus the continuation of a dialogue. I don't want us to wait until a book or paper is published. So there is a twofold benefit. You get answers and resources and I get feedback on my texts.