Blog Refit II - The Guide

Weßel C. Beraten. 2017. S. 283
Weßel C. Beraten. 2017. S. 283

Referring to Thomas Carlyle (1795-1881) I experience the work with a blog as follows: a blog guide without a blog was sometimes useful, a blog without a blog guide never.


I am comfortable with the techniques jimdo offers its users to include a blog on a website. Alas, it misses the opportunity to offer a list of tags beside the blog entries. Thus I had to create a workaround with a guide, that lists tags (keywords). This guide is the index for my blog: the blog guide.

A similar thing happened in January 2018 (blog 02 Jan 2018). Again one book is finished and published (blog 28 Oct 2019). The draft of the next book is completed and the first reviewer accepted to support the work on this book. And once more before I dive into writing I refit my blog. Perhaps this is a way to reflect on my work so far and for sure the attempt to raise the usablity of the blog.

I hope, the blog guide will be convenient for both the author and you, the readers.

Christa Weßel - Wednesday, 06 May 2020


ps: it took about the same time as the work on an index for a book: 35 hours during three weeks.