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Fair Play … Fair salaries for nurses and teachers
together · 04. Juni 2020
During corona we speak often about the jobs in the crucial sectors and critical processes. Jobs and tasks that keep our communities running. The Dutch government offers a - im my view - comprehensive list (Government of the Netherlands 20 Mar 2020 and 04 Jun 2020). You may see: "Healthcare and care" and "Education" precede "Public transport" and "Food supply" …

higher education · 21. September 2018
… I object _ Recently the World Economic Forum (WEF) published its report "The Future of Jobs 2018" and offers online a short overview by Ratcheva and Leopold (17 Sep 2018). I strongly object to the findings referring to declining skills …

social informatics · 21. Mai 2018
Education in Social Informatics

social informatics · 17. Mai 2018
or Information Technology and Society? A Search for Traces

social informatics · 16. Februar 2018
How can we promote, learn, teach and use it?