The 8plus1W

… A  management tool

For projects, teams, departments, companies and just for yourself. Maybe you want to plan, perform, control and finish successfully a journey, a research project, a thesis or the birthday party of your grandma.


In German the 8+1W questions are 

  • Wozu? Ziel.
  • Warum? Motivation und Anlass.
  • Was? Inhalte und Aufgaben.
  • Wer? Rollen und Funktionen.
  • für Wen? Zielgruppe, Klient, Kunde.
  • Wie? Methoden.
  • Wann? Zeitraum und Termine.
  • Wo? Orte.
  • und Woher? Daten, Informationen, Theorien, Modelle, Konzepte, Publikationen, Berichte, Dokumentationen, Ansprechpartner.

See the books BERATEN (consulting) and WERKZEUGE (tools) for the use of the 8+1 W and some entries in German here in my blog. Click on the tag "8+1W".


As some colleagues asked for a translation, here it is. Just one of the questions misses the initial "W". Nevertheless there is one: hoW. Or you say "Whow" for How ;)

  • What for? Objective.
  • Why? Motivation and cause.
  • What? Contents and tasks.
  • Who? Roles and functions.
  • for Whom? Target group, client, customer.
  • hoW? Methods.
  • When? Timescale and appointments.
  • Where? Places.
  • and Where from? Data, information, theories, models, concepts, publications, reports, documentations, contact persons.

Put the questions and your answers on post-its on an wall, on an blackboard, a flipchart or a smartboard during your project, discuss it with colleagues and peers and see it grow.

I would appreciate if you tell about your experiences: contact … 

Christa Weßel - Monday, 29 Jul 2019

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