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"... so that's a true international experience here …" Dr. Thomas Krumpen, Cruise Leader on support vessel Akademik Fedorov.

The MOSAiC expedtion started on Sep  20, 2019 in Tromsø, Norway: https://mosaic-expedition.org/


MOSAiC is the acronym for Multidisciplinary drifting Observatory for the Study of Arctic Climate.


The center builds the research vessel RV Polarstern of the Alfred Wegner Institute. The AWI spearhaeds the largest research expedtion ever. Twenty nations are involved in the expedition.


MOSAiC is a wonderful example of transorganizational cooperation and development. It will last more than one year and explores


Sea ice & snow

Energy, momentum & humidity fluxes
BGC fluxes (biogeochemistry)
Dynamical coupling

(https://mosaic-expedition.org/science/scientific-focus-areas/ with links to further details)

Start for instance with the MOSAiC Trailer, also available on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NoMQyWsxyf4

Or the description of the expedition on https://mosaic-expedition.org/expedition/

And now a message, one of my students will understand: Pascal, would you consider to travel north instead of going to the Antarctic?

Christa Weßel - Tuesday, 03 Mar 2020

ps: the journalist Marlene Göring and the photographer Esther Horvarth visited RV Polarstern. You can enjoy their report "An Bord der "Polarstern" Gefangen im Eis" on https://geo.pageflow.io/gefangen-im-eis

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