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Informatik-Netzwerk(e) Oldenburg
social informatics · 21. Oktober 2021
Willkommen in Oldenburg und umzu. Informatik in so vielen Ausprägungen. Nicht nur ein Netz sondern viele, die wiederum miteinander verbunden sind. Akteure sind zum Beispiel die Universität Oldenburg, die Jade Hochschule, OFFIS e.V., die Open Source Business Alliance und die Innovative Hochschule Jade-Oldenburg! (das Rufzeichen ist Teil des Namens). ...

Social Informatics Experience
social informatics · 01. Oktober 2021
Reviewers' Feedback on Version 1 _ Good news on 06 Sep: the reviewers recommended revisions. This means, that there is still the opportunity, that the journal will accept the paper ...

social informatics · 01. Juli 2019
A colleague from Switzerland wrote: "Reading your blog I realized that I'm already doing social informatics. Can you give me some advice, how to become an expert in social informatics?" Like in any other area it is a trio: do it, learn it, promote it …

social informatics · 20. Juni 2019
Learning and teaching sociological basics in a technical context _ To be able to play an active role in the design, creation and development of a networked society students, scholars and practitioners need basic knowledge in social informatics. What is social informatics? What are its groundings? And how can people learn and use it?

Passing forward
organization development · 23. November 2018
… how finding books brings people together _ A beautiful day in autumn. Time for a walk and contemplation in the park nearby. The three rounds in the park are a ritual that I perform since I'm living in Frankfurt on Main. Breathing, walking, finding a rhythm and let thoughts and feelings flow. Today happened two things. The idea for a new book took shape and an encounter with books that let to a very interesting talk with two men …

social informatics · 14. Juli 2018
How a good web application induces relaxed accounting and tax declarations _ Today I would like to introduce you to a bird, the madge (or magpie), metaphorically speaking. A madge is in German "die Elster". elster is the acronyme for "Elektronische Steuererklärung", electronical tax declaration. It started in 1996 and today it is one of the best applications I ever met. This counts for both the local option and even more for the web platform ...

social informatics · 21. Mai 2018
Education in Social Informatics