Social Informatics Experience

Reviewers' Feedback on Version 1

Good news on 06 Sep: the reviewers recommended revisions. This means, that there is still the opportunity, that the journal will accept the paper. The reviewers sent inspiring and helpful comments, questions and recommendations. Wonderful was, that their comments and questions complemented each other. A pile of work and now its done. I just uploaded the revised paper and the answers to the reviews (editor's request: "please submit a list of changes or a rebuttal against each point which is being raised when you submit the revised manuscript"). Time for the weekend and hoping for further good news. 

The paper


Social Informatics Experience:

Learning and teaching sociological basics in a technical context. A case study.


The abstract, the keywords and the extended list of references for the case study Social Informatics Experience are in the blog of 01 Aug 2021


Christa Weßel - Friday, 01 Oct 2021


[CW 25 Jan 2022: article is published; the title has changed a little]

  • Weßel, C. (2021). Social Informatics Experience: A Case Study on Learning and Teaching Sociological Basics in a Technical Context. Acta Informatica Pragensia, 10(3), 211–235. https://doi.org/10.18267/j.aip.170


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