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How textbooks can offer more than just professional knowledge

Currently I'm in "outer space". Not really, but it feels a little bit like this. I'm in a small village near the North Sea working on the "eel book". A few days ago two men, working as brokers, and I talked about their cooperation with German people and companies. Many topics concern projects, contracts and deals. Core tasks are to counsel and consult and likewise to explore threats and opportunities.

"We are pretty fluid in speaking German, but written it is sometimes not so easy." This recalled several talks I had with business people, physicians and students from abroad, who work and study in Germany.

"My readers from abroad often tell me, that they learned a lot from the books, I wrote about consulting. They improved their German and got insights how the Germans "tick"." - "Tick?" - "It's a metaphor in Germany. Ticking like a clock." - "Ah, I see." - "This is just one example. There are others in the books. The readers told me, they learned a lot about German culture and habits in business and work." - "That's interesting. Tell us more about the books." - "Reading is better than telling. I have some books with me and if you like you can take a look. - "That would be great."

They started to read … "They will be very useful for us, we assume."

The publishing house, its team and of course the author are happy with this. We invite you to explore German language, culture and business with the Moose: weidenbornverlag.de

Christa Weßel - Monday, 7 January 2019

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