Artikel mit dem Tag "culture"

Let's share
together · 18. Juni 2023
In a train from Schleswig to Hamburg, Germany: "hey guys, can we share the seats?" A young woman, member of a travel group. "Of course." And this was the start of an interesting and pleasant chat, lasting about one hour. ...

Mein Name ist Bond
writing & publishing · 20. Dezember 2021
Mein Name ist Bond. Pseudonym, Identität, Fiktion _ Kürzlich bin ich gestolpert, im übertragenen Sinn, nicht über Ian Fleming's Mr. Bond von 1953. Es war ein anderes Buch ...

Learning German with the Moose
organization development · 07. Januar 2019
How textbooks can offer more than just professional knowledge _ Currently I'm in "outer space". Not really, but it feels a little bit like this. I'm in a small village near the North Sea working on the "eel book". A few days ago two men, working as brokers, and I talked about their cooperation with German people and companies … and there the Moose had their appearance …