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Praxis / doctor's office
together · 25. November 2021
"Christa, wo hast du eigentlich deine Praxis?" - "Ich habe keine Arztpraxis. Ich bin freiberufliche Wissenschaftlerin und Beraterin mit dem Schwerpunkt Sozioinformatik: Wie ticken Menschen und Computer?" - "Oh, interessant." Ja, finde ich auch ... "Where is your doctor's office?" - "I don't have a doctor's office. I'm a freelance scientist and advisor with with the focus area social informatics." - "That sounds interesting." Yes, it is ...

social informatics · 20. Juni 2019
Learning and teaching sociological basics in a technical context _ To be able to play an active role in the design, creation and development of a networked society students, scholars and practitioners need basic knowledge in social informatics. What is social informatics? What are its groundings? And how can people learn and use it?

higher education · 28. Juli 2018
in higher education _ A teacher is a facilitator, mentor, guide. The design and the moderation of the learning process are her and his most important tasks. Students are enabled to learn competency-based. Bloom's revised taxonomy of learning, teaching and assessing is a useful tool for the alignment of the learning objectives with the seminar contents and the course assessment ...