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What is Social Informatics?
social informatics · 08. Dezember 2021
Thanks to requests from abroad I translated the pages about Social Informatics (SI) and the workshop series SI on and refitted the layout of the German version ...

Was ist Sozioinformatik?
social informatics · 08. Dezember 2021
Einige Menschen fragten nach einer englischen Version der Seiten über Sozioinformatik und der SI Workshopreihe auf Also gibt es nun eine Übersetzung und das Layout der deutschen Version erhielt ein Refit ...

Praxis / doctor's office
together · 25. November 2021
"Christa, wo hast du eigentlich deine Praxis?" - "Ich habe keine Arztpraxis. Ich bin freiberufliche Wissenschaftlerin und Beraterin mit dem Schwerpunkt Sozioinformatik: Wie ticken Menschen und Computer?" - "Oh, interessant." Ja, finde ich auch ... "Where is your doctor's office?" - "I don't have a doctor's office. I'm a freelance scientist and advisor with with the focus area social informatics." - "That sounds interesting." Yes, it is ...

Social Informatics Experience
social informatics · 20. Juni 2019
Learning and teaching sociological basics in a technical context _ To be able to play an active role in the design, creation and development of a networked society students, scholars and practitioners need basic knowledge in social informatics. What is social informatics? What are its groundings? And how can people learn and use it?

higher education · 28. Juli 2018
in higher education _ A teacher is a facilitator, mentor, guide. The design and the moderation of the learning process are her and his most important tasks. Students are enabled to learn competency-based. Bloom's revised taxonomy of learning, teaching and assessing is a useful tool for the alignment of the learning objectives with the seminar contents and the course assessment ...