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Fair Play … Diffusion of change
together · 04. Juni 2020
How can we change and promote change in times of corona and beyond? Change comes often as something new to a person or a community - at least regarding habits. For understanding how change happens it is useful to know some concepts and theories …

04. Juni 2020
My neighbour said in mid-May: "For years the sky was not so bright and the air so clean and the noise so low as in the weeks since corona started." …

Fair Play … Fair social insurance contributions
together · 04. Juni 2020
Social insurance systems differ form country to country, but there are some basic features and numbers that facilitate comparative analyses and conclusions …

Fair Play … Fair salaries for nurses and teachers
together · 04. Juni 2020
During corona we speak often about the jobs in the crucial sectors and critical processes. Jobs and tasks that keep our communities running. The Dutch government offers a - im my view - comprehensive list (Government of the Netherlands 20 Mar 2020 and 04 Jun 2020). You may see: "Healthcare and care" and "Education" precede "Public transport" and "Food supply" …

Fair Play … Business and Sustainability
together · 04. Juni 2020
If companies and other organizations follow a strategy that put sustainability into effect they are able to …

Fair Play … The motivation to change
together · 04. Juni 2020
Why do people, animals, plants change their behavior and even their beliefs and values? For the basic instinct to survive, deprivation may be the core impulse. For a society pressure and reward may be the main impulses. Pressure is a mean for critical situations, like a pandemia or to avoid crimes and vandalism. And beside these two there is the pursuit of happiness …

together · 03. Juni 2020
… A mini-serial on corona induced rethinking _ How can we use the impacts of corona for sustainable social, economical and environmental changes? This blog mini-serial looks for some answers …

05. Februar 2020
A friend: "Since several years you say that you would like to move to the north of Germany. Now it's the time." …

organization development · 21. Juni 2017
Über die Geschwindigkeit von Veränderungen, auch an Hochschulen

organization development · 09. Juli 2016
Change Management der etwas anderen Art

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