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dear …, social informatics is a term, that is not very well known in Germany. Thus I'm working on a book about it. During my research on professors of social informatics I found you and would be delighted to get in touch …


This I wrote today to several professors on the platforms researchgate.net and / or linkedin. The manuscript of the book is nearly completed. Final proof reading and working on some pictures plus the printing will follow. I hope to publish the book in January 2021.



I will publish some excerpts in the blog and start with the abstract and the table of contents: 


Sozioinformatik … das Buch mit dem Biber


The first chapter (the introduction) will follow. 




Christa Weßel - Monday, 16 Nov 2020


PS: the "heraldic animal" of the book is the beaver: master of sociotechnical approach.


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