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Art is an essential aspect of the search for personal, social, national and transnational identity. This is inspired by a sentence of the art historian Kristina Kratz-Kessemeier (Blog 30 Nov 2018). Art is recreation, inspiration, creativity, joy and a wonderful instrument to learn and reflect upon ourselves and others. Art in all its variations ... indoors and outdoors. For reflections on music, concerts, readings, theatre, opera et cetera see blog section reviews concerts films books etc.


Buildings are our third skin. This sentence is attributed to the artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser (1928 - 2000), who was also very active in architecture. Architects can ruin or enrich our personal and social life and the wellbeing of a community and the environment. Building history teaches a lot about values, dreams, aims and the way people and communities achieve them. Organization development, coaching, higher education, social informatics and change in health care have in my view to consider architecture and to take part in the realization of a socially and ecologically sustainable environment.